What We Do

We provide extensive range of solutions for all of your business needs with latest technology. we work closely with our clients to understand their business challenges and tailor an innovative solution to accelerate their business operations and performance. We redefine your business to sustain the excellence with cutting edge technologies by delivering path-breaking services in consulting, digital technology and operations.

Custom Software Development

Digital disruption creates a challenge for every industry to reshape their traditional business to data driven enterprise. We are specialized in developing sophisticated and customized software for our clients with modern and innovative technologies. We undertake custom programming, database design, best hardware and networking solutions as well as software application development which help our clients to be most productive without wasting precious time and valuable resources.

  • Web application
  • Mobile Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • System integration
  • Plugins, Extensions and Modules development – Open source



Our experts are keen to convert your vision and ideas in to a creative design tailored to your business which foster your brand in to a competitive edge. We help to build a high visibility for your brand with creative and innovative designs and provide pragmatic solutions for all your branding needs.

  • Logos, Flyers, Brochures
  • Motion Graphics / Animations
  • Video creation
  • Social media
  • Web & Mobile mock-ups
  • Banners


We provide wide range of technological consultation to help the client cope up with new technological innovations thereby increasing business performance and productivity. Our experts are committed to modernize your IT infrastructure and applications to reduce the complexity and overall cost.

  • Server administration and setup
  • System support
  • Networking and VOIP solutions
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software asset management
  • IT Procurement


We develop customized e-commerce solutions which cater to all of your online business needs. We’re prepared to help your company find the best solution which will best suit your online business needs with cutting-edge technology and user-friendly platform.

  • Custom ecommerce development
  • Ecommerce marketplace
  • Payment integrations / Set up
  • Modules / Extensions development
  • Manage existing ecommerce sites



Our corporate trainings are designed to match your future business goals and personal growth which helps our clients attain a competitive edge in the professional market. Our expert trainers with innovative training methodologies will assist to achieve the professional development for both individuals and corporates. Our training solutions help drive behavioral and organizational transformation, and are performance focused with long lasting impact on your organization.

  • Vendor specific – Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Avaya, HP
  • Workshops – Business leadership, Security awareness, Cyber security
  • Industry specific – Engineering, Healthcare, Education

Cyber Security

Continuously examining and evaluating the security breaches in your IT infrastructure to mitigate the business risk and create a solid information technology infrastructure. We collaborate with clients to devise and implement policies and procedures for their software, and network security issues to help protect the corporate assets and to ensure the data integrity.

  • Penetration testing
  • Network security
  • Software license audits
  • IT Internal Audit
  • ISO 27001 preparation